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Hawrāmān (also Húrāmān) (Kurdish: هه‌ورامان or Hewraman) or Ōrāmān (Persian: اورامان) is a mountainous region located in western Iran or Iranian Kurdistan, which includes the cities of Pawe and Meriwan, and north-eastern Iraq or Iraqi Kurdistan, which includes the city Halabja. The inhabitants of Hewraman are Kurdish people that speak Hewrami, part of the Gorani branch of the Kurdish language group. Hewraman is best known for its unique arrangement of cities and villages built along the mountain slopes of the region. Ancient religions are also practiced throughout Hewraman and the region is home to the ancient holy places of the Yarsan faith.

Some scholars believe that the name Hewraman or Huraman has strong connections to the ancient Zoroastrian faith and claim that the name may have originated from Ahuraman or Ahura Mazda.[1] Ahura Mazda is the name of God in the ancient Indo-Iranian Avestan language and comes from the ancient Zoroastrian faith, which is still widely practiced throughout the region. Many areas in the Hewraman region are believed to be pilgrimage sites for believers of Zoroastranism prior to the advent of Islam.

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